Notice of Privacy Practices — The Prismatik-HMDR Facility (the 'Covered entity') is required by law to maintain the privacy of individuals' protected health information (PHI). The Covered entity may use and disclose PHI to dispense and fill prescriptions for legend devices to the public and for the purpose of complying with state and federal laws relating to HMDR (Home Medical Device Retail) Facilities, licensed pharmacies and the distribution of controlled devices. Contact information for your questions or comments about the covered entity's privacy policies or to submit a complaint to the covered entity with respect to your PHI is as follows: 800-487-1421 (phone); or, 800-898-1787 (fax). Written correspondence should be addresses as follows: Attn: HMDR, Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc., 4141 MacArthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, California 92660-2015. Complaints also can be submitted to the Secretary of HHS.


[Effective 9-February-2012]